Stake your ERK

and receive amazing


The rewards are in the amazing new technologies
being built over the Eureka blockchain.

Why Eureka staking?

By capitalizing on multiple profit streams and leveraging DeFi possibilities we made it possible to profit immensely from staking ERK

Choose any of the Eureka Staking Packages available in this site and take advantage of this limited opportunity. Packages will be added and deleted based on availability. Start staking your ERK in 5 seconds and start earning rewards today. Deposit your ERK and enable staking. It couldn’t be more simple.

Who we are

Polaris Universal,the founder of the Eureka Chain and the first development company in the Eureka ecosystem,has a strategic interest in the adoption and success of Eureka Coin,and by leveraging its multiple profit streams it was able to introduce the Eureka Staking Package which gives rewards in IPX

Frequently Asked Questions