Development Guarantee

Every sale comes with a guarantee of development as we provide the resources for creation.

Industry Leading Security

Safe and secure data you can access anytime. Full access to your data at anytime, from anywhere in the world, and on any device with a secure internet connection.

Access to Eureka DEFI

Be a part of the limitless opportunities of the cutting edge ecosystem of Eureka DEFI



EurekaLaunchpad provides a platform where new projects built on the Eureka EcoSystem can raise capital from token pre-sales from an ever expanding community keen to discover and identify new and innovative projects before they have even launched.

Eureka Launchpad is an exciting platform that offers support and advice for new project teams on the best way to launch their token built on EurekaNetwork PoS Blockchain.

We offer a full service to project teams from creating the token, to listing and marketing. We take care of all the external logistics of creating a token and building project awareness leaving you free to focus entirely on the project development.

Why Choose us?


Fastest Blockchain

Your project will be built on the fastest PoS blockchain with the integrated features of both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.


Listing and Liquidity

All projects built on the powerful Eureka Network Blockchain are automatically listed on EurekaX centralized exchange and Eureka Swap Dex.


Ongoing Support

All projects will receive advice and ongoing support before after listing on the innovative Eureka ecosystem.